(5) Postiindeksid asukohas Filadelfia

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AjatsoonParaguay aeg
Postiindeksid160401, 160402, 160403 (2 veel)
Suunakoodid91, 94
Filadelfia, Departamento de Boquerón ettevõtted157

(5) Postiindeksid asukohas Filadelfia, Departamento de Boquerón

160401FiladelfiaDepartamento de Boquerón61008,3 km²
160402FiladelfiaDepartamento de Boquerón74004,674 km²
160403FiladelfiaDepartamento de Boquerón14636,9 km²
160404FiladelfiaDepartamento de Boquerón17254,697 km²
160409FiladelfiaDepartamento de Boquerón1431 485 km²


Filadelfia is the capital of Boquerón Department in the Gran Chaco of western Paraguay. It is the centre of the Fernheim Colony. It is about a 5 hour drive from the capital of Asunción. With a population of about 10,000, it is the largest town for 40..  ︎  Asukoha Filadelfia Wikipedia leht